Kimbers Brunch

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Congratulations to our friends Kimbers Men, who will be appearing on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch this weekend, Sunday the 19th of October at 9.30am.

We are almost as excited about it as they must be and will be tuning in with our morning coffee.

Kimber's Men are a group who sing sea shanty's and sea songs around Europe in close harmonies acapella and with several instrument guitars,banjo,bandolin,whistles,bagpipes

Following successful tours last year which brought them incredibly enthusiastic receptions from audiences in Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Denmark and of course Great Britain people everywhere, including members of Fishermen’s Friends, are still raving over the harmonies of Kimber’s Men.
Having already featured in the BBC2 and BBC4 TV productions of Sea Songs, they have in the last 12 months performed at festivals in Gosport, Rhyl, Swanage, Deal, Banbury, Port Magee in Ireland, Portsoy and Arbroath in Scotland, and Appingedam in Holland.  This year you can find them at festivals in Rochester, Cleckheaton, Harwich, and again in Portsoy and Portmagee.  Last year they made a prestigious appearance at The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich with Roy Palmer.
In John Bromley Kimber’s Men posses the finest bass singer on the British folk scene today.  John is the rock upon which the group is built.  He is arguably the finest bass singer since Paul Robeson.  Indeed it is likely you will get a rendition of 'Old Man River' at some point during a concert.  The founder member, Joe Stead who is almost a legend in his own right, was a close friend of Pete Seeger the legendary American singer who died quite recently.  Joe worked in the recording studio with Pete on a benefit album for British Miners, recorded him in concert at The Festival Hall in a benefit concert for Chilean exiles and has performed twice in concert in America with Pete in New York and for the Delaware River Valley Project in New Jersey when Neil Kimber accompanied him.  Neil, after whom the group has been named, has written some wonderful songs which include 'Don't take the heroes' a song that many other singers and groups are now performing.  Kimber's Men has changed personnel over the years since formation in 2001.  Roger Hepworth a founder member died in 2003 and David Buckley left the group in 2013.  However Gareth Scott who has been with the group for 7 years provides fantastic harmonies and gives the group that extra dimension as his voice has that wonderful tinge that black bluesmen provide.  From Michael Beeke we get bagpipes, whistle and a wonderful top harmony.
With a full diary the group just goes from strength to strength.

You can contact Kimber's Men by email ( or by telephoning Joe Stead on 01422-833659.  Kimber's Men also have a Facebook page; but to book them it's best to use either email or telephone